Pizza Boxes

Our pizza boxes are made from EPP

They are dishwasher proof and easy to clean, these Thermoboxes are easily stackable.

This Thermobox is in a square format and includes an interlocking lid with ventilation slots. They also have a studded bottom for better air circulation. 

Net Price [excl. VAT]£2.60
Price [incl. VAT]£3.12
Net Price [excl. VAT]£49.55
Price [incl. VAT]£59.46
Net Price [excl. VAT]£50.94
Price [incl. VAT]£61.13
Net Price [excl. VAT]£54.21
Price [incl. VAT]£65.05
Net Price [excl. VAT]£57.34
Price [incl. VAT]£68.81
Net Price [excl. VAT]£71.29
Price [incl. VAT]£85.55
Net Price [excl. VAT]£79.71
Price [incl. VAT]£95.65
Net Price [excl. VAT]£41.16
Price [incl. VAT]£49.39
Net Price [excl. VAT]£30.41
Price [incl. VAT]£36.49