1/1 GN Boxes

What is the GN 1/1 Box? 

The GN 1/1  Gastrostar box has a waterproof inside surface along with the highest quality outer surface. 

The box is also easy to load and unload due to the recessed space on the long sides and corners. The box also has ergonomic handles and an easy opening lid from the corners. The lid is standard, however we do supply cooling lids which can be brought in addition to this. 

The box contains labels for product identification. 


Net Price [excl. VAT]£33.86
Price [incl. VAT]£40.63
Net Price [excl. VAT]£35.64
Price [incl. VAT]£42.77
Net Price [excl. VAT]£29.32
Price [incl. VAT]£35.18
Net Price [excl. VAT]£2.60
Price [incl. VAT]£3.12
Net Price [excl. VAT]£49.52
Price [incl. VAT]£59.42
Net Price [excl. VAT]£53.80
Price [incl. VAT]£64.56
Net Price [excl. VAT]£55.17
Price [incl. VAT]£66.20
Net Price [excl. VAT]£60.53
Price [incl. VAT]£72.64
Net Price [excl. VAT]£67.41
Price [incl. VAT]£80.89
Net Price [excl. VAT]£38.61
Price [incl. VAT]£46.33
Net Price [excl. VAT]£44.18
Price [incl. VAT]£53.02