1/2 GN Boxes

What is the GN 1/2 Box? 

The GN ThermoBox it is made of EPP, an extremely light but resistant material, certified for contact with food and easy clean, even in the dishwasher. The high insulating effect and minimal temperature loss make the boxes ideal for use in a temperature range from -40 ° C and + 120 ° C. Boxes of the same size can be stacked on top of each other during transport and storage. The box is sold together with the suitable lid.

We also offer a seperate GN 1/2 Box with handle. 

Net Price [excl. VAT]£55.41
Price [incl. VAT]£66.49
Net Price [excl. VAT]£42.19
Price [incl. VAT]£50.63
Net Price [excl. VAT]£46.40
Price [incl. VAT]£55.68
Net Price [excl. VAT]£49.69
Price [incl. VAT]£59.63
Net Price [excl. VAT]£58.98
Price [incl. VAT]£70.78
Net Price [excl. VAT]£67.75
Price [incl. VAT]£81.30
Net Price [excl. VAT]£40.60
Price [incl. VAT]£48.72