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 Lightweight insulated food transport boxes  meals on wheels insulated coolboxes and hotboxes  Insulated gastronorm box

Lightweight Thermobox insulated food transport boxes

Meals on wheels insulated coolboxes and hotboxes

 Insulated gastronorm thermobox



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 Gastronorm Thermo boxes

 Dinner Champion Plated Meal Thermo Boxes

 Folding Thermo boxes

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 Hot and Cold Temptainer Food Trolleys

 Plated Meal Assembly Stations

 Front Loading Thermo boxes

Thermo-box UK are insulated food transport experts! With our range of insulated Thermo boxes, hot locks, hot boxes, food transport trolleys and isothermic containers catering for for all types of liquid food transport and dry food transport.

With Thermo Box UK offices in England and Scotland we have a team ready to give you advice based on years of experience in the bulk food, plated meal and meals on wheels transport industry.

If you are involved in meals on wheels, school catering, hospital catering, outside catering or any business which involves temperature controlled or insulated food transport, talk to us.

Thermo-Box UK now also supply a full range of hard plastic insulated food transport boxes, see our product comparison with the Rieber Thermoport Boxes

Thermo box UK are also able to offer special tailor made thermo boxes and bespoke food handling storage and transport products for specialist storage and transportation of hot and cold food. If you do not see the product you need on this website do contact us. If the product you require exists we will know about it, if it doesn't we will be able to develop it for you.


Thermo Boxes are light and easy to carry even when stacked six high
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